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Working with personality styles in depth, as I was recently, I began to see how we, so often, work against who we are to do our best to ‘fit in’ with what’s expected of us. When we know ourselves well, we can behave more authentically and be more productive and successful without energy being spent trying to avoid our natural processes.

Without good awareness of ourselves we are unable to gain insight into our motivations and our actions. Without insight we have no capacity to choose our actions and reactions.

It is only by opening up our awareness, by asking the questions and seeking the answers that we can truly find change. When we feel stuck, there is a sense that we have no options, we cannot see a way through to a situation changing. By gaining insight into ourselves and what drives us we are better able to see how many options we have and that we have the power to choose. This exploration enables us to become our own cartographer, laying out an impression of the terrain before us. The reality will, of course, differ, as reality differs in experience from any map, but we have better sight of what might lie around us and the direction we might choose.

Our lives have given us all experiences that have shaped us and informed our needs and how we meet them. At work, we might feel we stifle or counter inflate our natural behaviours to fit with a perceived marker of success or distinct work culture norm. Better knowing who you are you are enables you to draw on your natural strengths and resources to fit the job and succeed with more ease, rather than rounding off your edges, diminishing your exuberance or hiding your frustrations.

Flexibility is the key. Using our self-awareness to our advantage and being flexible in our style, thoughtfully choosing how to utilise what is authentic to us. At first, consciously, but with practice, seamlessly. Gaining a sense of fulfillment with less effort applied.


It’s a long road, but one hell of a ride!