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Group Coaching

This speaks to my core belief in humanity.

We function best when we operate from a place of understanding and responding to human needs, rather than an imposed idea of title, role or status.

In theatre I worked in some of the highest performing teams I have encountered. Each person has a defined role to play, diverse people with very different specialisms and profiles come together for one clear common goal, working within their expertise whilst respecting others, getting the job done in a high-pressure environment.

Fundamental to the success of these teams is trust, a clear and common goal and respecting each others strengths and expertise.

Together we will define your common purpose and achieving your goals. Build trust and understanding of each of your strengths to allow you to concentrate on what each of you bring to the team.
Drawing on techniques from the rehearsal room, established business management approaches and experiential practices all underpinned with psychological research.


Develop your individual strengths, connection to role and contribution to the overarching purpose


Enable good decision making


Establish ways of having the right conversations


Develop healthy rituals


Create a sense of ownership through trust and common purpose.

My Approach

I incorporate all aspects of my experience to explore the whole of you and what you have to offer. I use techniques and tools from across disciplines to tailor a service to you and your needs.

I will work with you to understand areas where there are barriers to your success and to understand and unlock the strengths inherent within you to enable you to thrive.

Drawing on my knowledge of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, communication and engagement techniques and acting tools and techniques to enable you to enhance your presence and impact.

I have previously worked with individuals and groups from the following organisations:

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